Cherokee Forest
Smoky Mountain real estate located between Cherokee and Bryson City, NC with amazing long range views overlooking Whittier into the Smoky Mountain National Park. Whittier Valley was once the valley home to 30,000 Cherokee Indians. 11,000 years of history and mountain views will take you back in time from a seat on your front porch. Reserve your Western North Carolina mountain ridge top real estate while pre-completion prices are in effect. Located in beautiful WNC Smokey Mountains with great views and temperate climate, any of these locations would make a great place for your vacation home or great investment property in one of the top vacation destinations.

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How the Cherokee Mountains were made

In the beginning the earth was flat, soft, and moist. All the animals were eager to live on it, and they kept sending down birds to see if the mud had dried and hardened enough to take their weight. But the birds will flew back and said that there was still no spot they could perch on.

Then the animals sent Gandfather Buzzard down. He flew very close and saw that the earth was still soft, but when he glided low over what would become Cherokee counrty, he found that the mud was getting harder. By that time Buzzard was tired and dragging. When he flapped his wings down they made a valley where they touched the earth; when he swept them up, they made a mountain. The animals watching from above the rainbow said, "If he keeps on, there will only be mountains," and they made him come back. That's why we have so many mountains in Cherokee land.

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